Hello, world!

Sometimes, people suck.

On Saturday, I was making my way down Southwest Blvd. on my way to the morning ride that day when some dude in a camo hat and a mustache pulls a left hand turn with his pickup truck right in front of me. It was close enough that I hit the brake pretty hard and had a split-second flashback to the last time this sort of thing happened to me.

Danger averted, I get out of the saddle and get ready to accelerate again, shaking my head in dismay at another bad encounter with a local driver. Immediately upon doing this, I hear, "Fuck you, pussy!"

Against my better judgment, I flash him a variation of the old peace sign. Again, I hear, "I'll fuck you up."

So this dude goes from zero to sixty in about half a second. It's fairly common to encounter some hostility on the roads, but this was kind of new. I get tied up at the stop light over by QuikTrip where this pleasant citizen has entered the parking lot and he's still stringing along an impressive line of expletives. For whatever reason, I decide it's a good idea to keep smiling at him. At this point, dude gets out of his truck and starts walking toward me. I keep smilin'. He keeps coming closer, challenging me to a fight or something. Keep smilin'.

Ooops! Green light, I'm on my way.

These were the kinds of things I missed on my year long hiatus from much serious training or racing. Life changed a lot for me last year, and the continue to do so this year. But I've really gotten hooked again on how good it feels to ride bikes, to train. And tomorrow, I resume racing. I'm doing Tuesday Night Worlds for the first time in a year.

Wish me luck.


sc said...


We're doing the latte land gig, 79th and state line, leave at 6:10. Otherwise I'll see you there. Race starts at 7:05.

Olivia said...

Sometimes people do indeed suck. Hearing these crazy stories about how cyclists are treated in your area of the country worries me...and the incidents seem to keep escalating. Let's hope that this was the peak of it, and it dies down from here on out. Take care and have a great time riding!

J.A. said...

Only reverance can restrain violence.